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Photographs, music and films on Sardinia

The images, the films and the music which tell the Sardinian history and popular traditions. Through the gallery it is possible to explore several areas of knowledge, from archaeological evidences to architectural monuments, from artistic goods to products which derive from the material culture, from events (feasts, festivals, concerts) to environmental contexts.
Since 1899, when for the first time a camera directed its movie lens on Sardinia in occasion of the visit of the Savoy Royals, several documentaries, films, “cinegiornali” and TV services, have portrayed the Island and its deep changes, its dramas and its conquests, its landscapes and its traditions. A great audiovisual heritage of which the Region takes care, promoting cataloguing, digitalization, recovery and valorization activities of documents which mainly derives from the archives of RAI, of Istituto Luce, of ESIT and of ISRE.
The rich and variegated world of popular traditions characterizes since ever Sardinian music and songs. Launeddas, mouth organ, accordion, cowbells, trunfa, sulittu, triangle and tambourine are the typical instrument used.