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Policies for audiovisual

The Region of Sardinia is investing on the cinema through a regional law and the creation of two major agencies: the Sardegna Film Commission and the Cineteca Regionale Sarda - The Regional Film Library of Sardinia.

The law states that the cinema is a means of artistic expression, cultural growth, communication, and social and economic development. In order to encourage the regional film industry, each year the Regional Government publishes calls for proposals aimed at supporting the production and distribution of films of regional interest.

The Region also promotes research and experimentation on new audiovisual languages and technologies, the organization of film festivals and screenings, and the development and innovation of film studies through grants to schools and universities.

Cineteca Regionale Sarda Film and audiovisual documentation centre
The Cineteca Regionale Sarda Foundation was established to preserve and spread the audiovisual heritage of Sardinia, and to foster film production and experimentation.
The Region, by investing in the Cineteca, intends to collect in a single archive the existing audiovisual heritage: a fundamental testimony of the local population’s identity and way of living and their changes over time, hence a powerful instrument for spreading and pursuing knowledge.
The Cineteca will also collect the audiovisual materials concerning the Region held in national archives. All materials will be available for free consultation, in order to support cultural activities and audiovisual education.