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Legal notes

For web site it is intended the web pages (single or in their whole, included the contents such as tests, graphic elements, images, videos, sounds, software, lists and data banks), the layouts and the graphic contents of the pages, the html codes, the structure, the choice and the content organization, the coordination, the look and feels, the technologies, the processes and the methods used for the web site running and, in general, all the elements which constitutes the web site.

This web site is realized by:
Regione Autonoma della Sardegna
Via Trento, 69
09123 Cagliari

The technical management of this site is maintained by the in house company of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Sardegna IT S.r.l..
For every information as regards this web site, please write an e-mail to

The Autonomous Region of Sardinia encourages the diffusion and the sharing of contents and information here in its web site, if it is admitted by the law. At this purpose, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia use, when it is possible, the Creative Commons licences.

Apart from different specific directions, the web site is an exclusive property of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia or of the third parties which have been authorized and it is protect by Italian and international laws, in particular by those on the intellectual property.

Where not differently said, the web site contents can be used in order to surf the web site itself. For every use not explicitly authorized by these legal notes or by the directions here in the web site, please contact the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, sending an e-mail to filmcommission@regione.sardegna.it.

Every use which has not been authorized, the alteration of the web site contents included their duplication and/or reproduction on other web sites, can constitute an illegal activity.

The information and the public data in the web site are available for free and without the users’ authentication.

Despite the Autonomous Region of Sardinia has verified all the published contents, maybe there could be some mistakes and/or omissions. If someone thinks that can claim a right on the contents, or which someone they know has, please contact the Autonomous Region of Sardinia with an e-mail to filmcommission@regione.sardegna.it.

Apart from those to thematic web sites and to the specials of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the web site could have links to external web sites. These links are quoted just for informative purpose and do not imply any correlation with the external web site nor with its owner. The Autonomous Region of Sardinia doesn’t have any control on this web sites, therefore it doesn’t take on any responsibility in this regard.

The Autonomous Region of Sardinia, except for different decision, authorizes the web site home page links and the links to the other home page of the different sections of the web site.

On the contrary, it is forbidden, except for explicit authorizations, to use external links which connect the user to a page or to informative resources which do not express immediately or which can mix up the fact that the page at issue is property of the web site of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, or yet which can make the user think that there is an association between the external web site and the one of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

Furthermore, it is forbidden the inline linking and the framing.

Contents of the web site and responsibilities
Although the Autonomous Region of Sardinia does all the possible to put correct and true information in the web site, the web site is offered to the user “as it is”, without any declaration or guarantees about the information and contents themselves.

The user is entirely responsible for the use of the materials and the access to the web site. The Autonomous Region of Sardinia can’t be considered responsible at any title for every kind of damage, direct or indirect, deriving from the use or the non use of the web site. Exception for the mandatory legal limits and duties.

The Autonomous Region of Sardinia reserves the right of bringing changes to the web site at any time.

Privacy policy
The Region of Sardinia guarantees that the treatment of the personal data is in accordance with what provided for by the actual privacy law (D.lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n.196, operative since the 1st of January 2004).

In particular, they will not be given to a third party, they will be used just for the communication which regards the web site and its contents and, for the forwarding of information on topics linked to the web site contents.

Personal data will be used exclusively for the development of the activities included in the article 24 of the privacy code, activities which do not require the interested parties’ consent.

The interested parties’ rights are those included in the article 7 of the privacy code and can be exercised without formality, even by registered letter, fax or mail (art.9 del D.lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n.196) to the person in charge or the proprietor.

The holder of the data treatment and of the data exchanged with the Entities which take part in the project, is the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, in the person of the President of the Region.

The person in charge as regards the data treatment is the permanent under-secretary of the General management for the technological innovation and for the ITC, according with the resolution of the Regional Council n° 20/2 of the 12th of May 1997.

Data could be treated with the help of the in house regional company Sardegna IT s.r.l., just for the purposes of the required service and for this briefing.