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Sardinia Film Commission

Sardinia Film Commission was born with the aim of promoting, supporting film and audiovisual production in the Island and offering new opportunities to the professionals in the Island. The Sardinia Regional office contributes to the release of authorizations and offers assistance services to those people who come to shoot in the Island, giving preliminary technical, logistic and bureaucratic information also with data banks.
At present the Film Commission is an office of the “Assessorato Regionale della Pubblica Istruzione, Beni Culturali, Informazione, Spettacolo e Sport” of the autonomous region of Sardinia which offers assistance, advice and services to Italian and foreign film productions which are interested in shooting in the Island. It acts in conjunction with professional, technical and art resources of the Region through the collaboration with public and private subjects (Local government units, trade and industry associations).

Why shooting in Sardinia
Sardinia is a big island in the centre of the Mediterranean sea and it is considered as one of the most rich territories as regards the variety and the quality of the landscape in the world: long white beaches, rock cliffs overhanging the sea, endless sand dunes, small green and light blue bays, ocean atmospheres, pure spaces marked only by the wind, fertile valleys, stretches of lands burned by the sun, soft hills painted by the man and steep mountain landscapes immersed in the strong maquis colours and perfumes, historic monuments and testimonies of ancient civilizations, picturesque ghost villages, huge mining and industrial archaeology marks and testimonies.
In Sardinia are still alive ancient tradition which have been lost in other Mediterranean areas. Feasts, solemn religious rituals, festivals make the Island a fascinating and mysterious land. With its mild and temperate weather, the whole region constitutes a kind of open air film study of 24.000 km squares which can be used 365 days in the year.