Logo Regione Autonoma della Sardegna

Sardinia Film Commission

Sardinia Film Commission was born in order to encourage and sustain the film and audiovisual production in this region with the aim of offering new chances to the people involved in this world.

The Sardinia Regional window helps people who want to make films in this land, giving them licences, free services of any kind including technical, logistical and bureaucratic information and assistance in the different phases of the work, using even databanks.

Nowadays the Film Commission is in the hands of “Assessorato Regionale della Pubblica Istruzione, Beni Culturali, Informazione, Spettacolo e Sport” of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and it works as a link between the different public and private associations.

Why people should make films in Sardinia?
Because Sardinia is an island in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, with an enormous variety of naturalistic landscapes, long golden and white sandy beaches, rocky cliffs falling sheer to the brilliant sea, endless sandy dunes, small bays with clear green and light blue water. An island with about two kilometres of pure and uncontaminated places along the coasts, rough mountainous landscapes, fully dipped into the different colours and the strong and sweet perfumes of the “Macchia Mediterranea” (Maquis).

Sardinia is also well-known for its historical evidence of ancient civilizations – the domus de janas (the fairies’ houses), the “allées couverts”, the nuraghs and the Giants’ tombs – and wide settings of archaeological mining and factories.
Moreover, in Sardinia are still alive ancient customs, lost in other Mediterranean countries, solemn and impressive religious rituals, village festivals which make this land fascinating and mysterious.

In addition, thanks to its mild weather, Sardinia can be considered an open air film studio of about 24.000 Km squares useful for 365 days a year.